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September 08, 2013What Up, World?

In regards to my first official blog post, I believe Lauryn Hill of Fugee fame said it best herself:

Ready or not. Here I come.

Reflecting on my current site, and looking at ways in making it a dynamic representation of the professional ‘me’, I’ve come to the obvious conclusion that I need to enter the blogosphere. Although it is an inevitability that I have been fighting for some time now, I feel it has reached it’s tipping point and it must be done.

That being said, I plan on treating this blog essentially the same way I have treated my Twitter account up to now; as a way to share and express professional musings, happenings, strategies, etc that I deem enlightening and educating. My hope is to post regularly (although this new outlet will need to make it’s way into my regular routine first), and with purpose…

…both of which I cannot promise you.

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