Loveland[x] Innovation Team

The Loveland[x] Innovation Team


The Loveland[x] Innovation Team represents the local installment of the District[x] Innovation Catalyst Google for Education Certified Innovator project. Starting in the spring of 2016 at Loveland High School and continuing with teams forming through the winter of 2017, here is a small snapshot of our story thus far.


The purpose of the Loveland [x] Innovation Team is to support and sustain innovative teaching and learning practices developed through teacher collaboration, problem-solving, risk-taking and professional learning.




The idea of Loveland[x] came about as a need to facilitate and support a culture of growth and innovation across our school district. As educators in the 21st century, we are preparing our students for their lives of tomorrow in a time of rapid growth and advancement of technology, which brings along with new expectations and responsibilities placed upon us. Given the challenges we face in balance the need for a viable and standards based curriculum, we must also consider the skills and learning experiences that our students require to succeed and thrive in this changing world.

Modeled after the idea of the Google[x] team, the Loveland[x] Innovation Team provides leadership, visioning and support primarily focusing on the district goal of innovation, which seeks to provide our students an innovative educational experience in preparing them for tomorrow, today. Working collaboratively within our schools and across our district, the Loveland[x] team will work to continue to move our district forward as we continuously seek growth and advancement. We are lifelong learners not because we require improvement, but because we will never stop seeking to improve and get better for the sake of our students, our schools and our community.

Core Values

Transform: Through the establishment a shared vision and understanding around innovative teaching and learning, we will help to transform the teaching and learning experience for our students and staff.
Advocate: Through modeling, collaboration, and sharing of our work, practices, successes and failures, we will advocate for the implementation of innovative teaching and learning practices with our students, staff and community.
Grow: Through continual learning, collaboration, ideation and iteration, we will create systems and models that support innovative teaching and learning for all students and staff.

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Team Objectives

  • Support Loveland City School District and individual school goals of growth, innovation, care, communication and fiscal stewardship in a variety of ways.
  • Provide vision and perspective in regards to teaching, learning and technology across your school and throughout the district.
  • Serve as a highly functioning member of the teacher innovation team, leading, supporting and advocating for initiatives and implementation of innovative instructional strategies and resources, as well as recommending new ideas for improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Beta-test and pilot innovative instructional strategies, resources and tools with the following goals:
    • -Determine the need for and appropriateness of innovative teaching strategies and technology resources or tool tools in school and classroom settings.
    • -Identify strengths and challenges associated with these strategies, resources and tools to help meet the needs of our students and staff.
    • -Determine appropriate teacher professional learning experiences and provide support needed for successful implementation of the strategy or tool.
    • -Provide ongoing feedback and information on the strategy or tool.

Selection Criteria and Member Expectations

The Loveland[x] Innovation Team shall represent a diverse mix of teachers, representing all content areas, grade levels, skill sets and experience. To be considered for the Loveland[x] team, you must demonstrate a proven track-record of the following charasterics:

  • Demonstrate a passion for supporting students and staff given a variety of challenges and/or needs.
  • Possess a growth mindset.
  • Make decisions based on what is best for students.
  • Communicate effectively with your peers and colleagues.
  • Be solution (not problem) driven.

Operating Methods and Frequencies

The Loveland[x] Innovation Team will be routed in all aspects of collaboration, including (but not limited to): problem-solving, professional learning, sharing of classroom best (and worst) practices, and advancement of school and district initiatives and goals. Using ideas of design thinking, innovation engineering, and other ideation methods, the team will meet regularly and as needed, through both face-to-face and digital venues, creating various means of ongoing communication and collaboration.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Support the goals, core values and expectations of Loveland[x].
  • Attend regularly scheduled Loveland[x] meetings and events.
  • Lead and communicate district initiatives, progress, challenges and success in the areas of teaching, learning and innovation with our students, staff and community.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of professional learning for the school in line with the district instructional cycle and school and district initiatives.

Team Member Perks

  • Access to the Loveland[x] Innovation Catalyst Grant.
  • Given a consistent voice in providing ideas and feedback to help inform and guide the school district in regards to the school and district goals.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to positively grow and impact a culture of learning and innovation.
  • Priority access and opportunities to attend professional learning events and conferences in line with school and district goals.
  • Occasional swag.