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Geek out!

February 18, 2015Rant

The word geek doesn’t really mean what it used to.

When I think of the traditional “geek”, the stereotypical image of a person wearing thick-rimmed glasses, sporting slicked over hair and a buttoned-up plaid shirt comes to mind (all of which are now in style apparently, based on what I’m seeing our students wearing to school each day). With the popularity of shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “King of the Nerds”, it’s obvious that the “geek” has found a way into popular society. Way overdue, if you ask me.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the term “geek out”.

The Urban Dictionary defines “geek out” as, “To become immediately obsessive or enthralled in a subject that is considered by many to be geek-favorable. This includes comics, books, technology, etc.”

By this definition, I am in fact, a total geek.

Actually, I would argue that every teacher, administrator and staff member here in Loveland could be classified as a geek (as well as most of our students). And isn’t that we want all of our students and children to aspire to? What more could we ask for than to expose our students to a topic (whether it be books, technology, science, engineering, art, etc.) and to see them “geek out” over it? What could we as educators and parents do that is ever more powerful than to expose our students to a topic that causes them to become completely enthralled in? Mark Zuckerberg geeked out over computer programming. Albert Einstein geeked out over mass and energy. Melinda Gates geeks out over charity and good will. In my mind, to “geek out” means to find something that motivates and enthralls you which you continually pursue, not because you have to, but because you live to.

As an educator, I live for those “geek out” moments. My experiences across the district this past month have given me plenty of opportunities to “geek out”, and to also see our staff and students “geeking out” in the process. From the “Hour of Code” taking place at Loveland Middle School and Loveland High School (where students spent an hour of the school day coding and programming using a variety of computer languages), to implementing our Tiger Tech Day Professional Development teacher training, where teachers and staff played with and explored a variety of technology-based teaching and learning tools, there is no better feeling for me as a professional (and a person) than to be a part of another’s “geek out” moment.

Fellow geeks and nerds – join me in celebrating the art of the “geek out”. It’s a beautiful thing.

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