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Just to give you some context on what you can expect from me going forward regarding the content of this blog and website…

The major happenings of my life currently are centered around my career and my education (fairly interrelated, I’d say). Yes, I do love my wife very much so, but with no kids in the picture (yet), I can honestly say that this is my livelihood (she would say the same of her own career at the moment).

My career: I’m just over one month in starting my new position as a technology instructional coach with the Hamilton City School District in Hamilton, Ohio (9th grade physical science teacher for five years prior). Primarily, I work to integrate technology in the classroom, whether that be troubleshooting and initiating device deployment to working with teachers in designing technology-rich lesson plans, I have my hands in many pots within the district. Absolutely loving what I’m doing, but very much missing having my own classroom and group of kids. More to come on that….

My education: Currently in my third semester at the University of Nebraska-Kearney pursuing a M.S. in Education in Instructional Technology. It’s been an enriching and enlightening experience thus far, and being able to directly apply what I’m learning in the classroom to what I’m doing on the job on a daily basis is extremely rewarding and motivating. This semester I’m enrolled in the following courses and plan on reflecting on these experiences and what I’m taking away from them over the next couple of months:

  1. TE 870 – Developing Web-Based Portfolios – You will directly observe everything I take away from this course as it will be evidenced throughout this site and accompanying portfolio site.
  2. TE 877 – Developing Web-Based Educational Environments – Principles of design in the online realm of education. Lots of graphic design principles being incorporated which is something totally new and very cool.
  3. TE 882 – Teacher Development Training in Instructional Technology – Best practices in working with adult learners by way of professional development and training.

Musings on the above to follow soon.

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