Harry T. Wilks Teacher of the Year Finalist

In May of 2012, my colleagues nominated me as the Hamilton Freshman School representative for the Harry T. Wilks Hamilton Educator of the Year award. I was later chosen, from a pool of 13 representatives, as one of five finalists to receive the honor from the Hamilton Community Foundation.

Hamilton Journal News Headline

David Knapp, physical science, Hamilton Freshman School. Approachable, accessible and amicable are three words that describe Knapp. As a piloting member of the district’s iPad program, he’s on the cutting edge of new technology in education. He’s a go-to person in the building as a technology consultant, and is in fact considered a natural leader throughout the school, through such things as character education, recycling, even coaching (Jones, 2012).


Jones, Richard. “Five Finalists Named for Educator of the Year.”Journal News” [Hamilton] 19 Oct. 2012: n. pag. Print.