Long Range Professional Development Plan

This document, Long Range Professional Development Plan, was constructed for my TE 882 – Teacher Development Training in Instructional Technology course. The purpose of this project was to first identify strengths and weaknesses among the teaching staff of my current district of employment. Once the strengths and weaknesses had been identified, the data was then evaluated to construct a two-year professional development plan that addressed these needs. This artifact was created in an attempt to make connections between the needs of a given teaching population, and addressing those needs with a long-term professional development plan. It encompasses skill-sets relating to the creation of an effective needs assessment, data analysis regarding those needs, and the knowledge required to curate a professional development plan around those needs. It also requires a sounds technical knowledge of the available support and instructional technologies available to that specific district, as well as the insight necessary in constructing training around those tools. This long-range plan relates to personal portfolio artifacts in that it’s focus remains on the application of technology to enhance student achievement through professional development of the teaching staff. This plan involves the application of such concepts as effective differentiation and formative assessment through technology, Google Apps for Education, as well as the use of an LMS to provide instruction and support for the student population. These are recurring themes and weapons of choice throughout the majority of artifacts found within my portfolio.

Personally, I feel that this artifact illustrates my ability to coherently construct a project development plan based off the needs of a given population. This skill is imperatively important as one starts to consider the growth of a teaching staff relating to areas of need, in this case technology-based instruction. It articulates short and long-term needs of the staff, and also demonstrates my ability to personalize a course of training around the individual needs of the educator. It is a comprehensive, yet concise, piece of work that I feel serves as evidence of my competence regarding the area of professional development and needs assessments. Although I feel that this artifact could possibly tie to all of the ISTE NETS for Coaches, I feel it most closely relates to the standards of Professional Development & Program Evaluation, as well as Visionary Leadership. As this project works to integrate the processes of conducting and evaluating a needs assessment, establishing and executing a professional development plan, as well as thinking long-term regarding the continuous growth of a teaching population, I feel that these standards are covered exhaustively and demonstrate my fluency within these areas. If I were to create this artifact again, I would probably focus on the questions contained in the needs assessment when it comes to rethinking how I might go about doing things. Although I feel the questions spawned data that would lead to effective decision-making, there is always room for growth regarding the objectivity and specificity the questions presented in the survey. Data collection is an instrumental piece in developing effective professional development, and the data obtained will only be as good as the questions that are asked. Through the creation of this Long Range Professional Development Plan I was able to apply principles of data analysis, project development and program evaluation. I feel that it supplemented and enhanced my growing knowledge of the process of developing faculty-training programs. It also allowed me to look at this robust procedure with a holistic and comprehensive approach.