Philosophy of Life & Education


Reflective Statement

My ‘Philosophy of Life and Education’ artifact is my capstone project from my Philosophy of Education course. This piece was created to summarize the belief statements that I had formulated and revised over the course of my experience with the class and it’s content. This paper directly relates to other artifacts within this portfolio in that it describes the values and beliefs that I hold regarding education and life. In that aspect, all artifacts within this portfolio were created under the same context of thought that this piece lays out. It is an umbrella of my work under which all other pieces will fall.

In creating my ‘Philosophy of Life and Education’ I hoped to establish myself under the context of my life’s experiences regarding my upbringing and education. Through this paper, I hoped to convey not only who I was, but to describe how my life’s experiences had led to this. The major obstacle that I had with this particular artifact was assimilating a life’s worth of experiences into a concise and guided statement. With as expansive as some of the experiences that this assignment asked me to draw from, the biggest challenge was organizing all of these into one coherent document. In the end, much time ended up being spent during the planning process, including a very deliberate and specific outline. These considerations made this paper a manageable feat.

I consider my ‘Philosophy of Life and Education’ paper to be the cornerstone artifact of my graduate experience. This piece serves as a culminating experience of my upbringing and career thus far in education, but also brought about a renewed sense in myself as an educator. This artifact fulfills several overall standards, including ‘Visionary Leadership’, ‘Content Knowledge and Professional Growth’ and ‘Teaching, Learning and Assessment’. It is an overall reflection of the role that I see education holding not only for each individual student, but within the construct of our society as a whole. It is a reflection on what I have learned regarding best practices, my personal pedagogy, as well as my personal vision and philosophy moving forward. If I were to create this artifact again, I would have waited on its creation until the commencement of my graduate experience. Based on the fact that I wrote this philosophy of life and education approximately halfway through my graduate program, I feel that I may have offered greater vision and insight after completing the rest of my studies. The process of creating this particular artifact allowed me the opportunity to assemble and evaluate my collective experiences that have shaped who I am as an educator and human being. It provided an avenue for insight that I had never gone down before, and as a result, allowed me to grow in my own belief system.