Professional Development Workshop Overview

This artifact, a Professional Development Workshop Overview, outlines a potential faculty training session titled, ‘Tech Tools for Differentiation – Low Impact Approaches for High Impact Results’. This workshop is meant to establish a concrete, conceptual model for the process of differentiation for teachers and administrators, as well as provide low impact teaching strategies utilizing best practices and technology tools. This differentiation professional development outline was created for my TE 882 – Teacher Development Training graduate course. The purpose of the project was to design a workshop that was based off staff needs established earlier in the semester through a needs assessment survey. Through this assessment, I found deliberate and purposeful training on differentiation in the classroom to be the most needed area with teachers across my district. As with all other artifacts presented throughout my portfolio, this workshop focuses on effective and meaningful faculty development, with a focus on teaching practices that can begin being executed in the classroom immediately upon processing. There is also a focus on the differentiation of the learning content to accommodate the needs of the individual teacher, whatever those may be. This training could be delivered in a variety of settings including whole group, one-to-one or online through a learning management system.

I personally feel that this artifact demonstrates my ability to evaluate the needs of a distinct faculty population, and establish and execute effective faculty development as it relates to those needs. It highlights the use of chunking, scaffolding and differentiation of learning material as it relates to adult education, and also displays my personal understanding of the nature of differentiation as it should exist in the classroom. This artifact demonstrates my ability to perform and execute within three of the ISTE NETS for Coaches Standards; Visionary Leadership, Professional Development & Program Evaluation, as well as Content Knowledge & Professional Growth. The abilities to assess the needs of a given population, create personalized, student-driven instructional content, and apply principles of instructional design and sound instructional strategies are all present within this particular artifact.

If I were to create this workshop again, I would begin the process working with personnel in my district who are primarily responsible for curating and scheduling faculty development. Based on the schedule of the remaining time available for professional development this school year, it is unclear whether or not my outline for differentiation training will be realized. If working with the appropriate personnel from the beginning, this may have been more of a reality. Through the creation of this artifact I have taken away a clearer and more accurate depiction regarding an executable and manageable framework for the complex process of differentiation. I feel that I have established a logical and intuitive approach to this topic as it relates to effective classroom integration, and regardless of whether or not this workshop is executed at a district level, I know that I will use it when working with teachers on this topic in the future.