Student Testimonials

I strive to incorporate a student centered, inquiry-based approach to learning as my primary instructional approach. Here are a what a few of my former students had to say regarding their learning experience in my class:


Being in your classroom is fun. I look forward to coming into the class every day.

I liked how you helped me improve my grades and aim for the top. Thank you for being a great teacher and good role model.

Mr. Knapp, you are one of the few teachers that I enjoy due to your flexible class environment. We joke, we laugh and we get things done. By doing so you got me involved and comfortable with your teaching.

You let us know when it is time to work and you keep us focused. You vary your teaching styles and assignments which helped to avoid any boredom.

Mr. Knapp does a very nice job of connecting learning with real life examples.

You had multiple teaching styles and they were all interesting. I never got bored in here. I didn’t like this subject until this year.

Technology drives the learning process in my classroom, utilizing tools such as Schoology and Google Apps for Education. Here are some former student’s thoughts on my use of technology in the classroom:

You always took the time to help each individual student and integrate technology into the classroom.

You use creative ways to teach, especially with technology.

Love it and the iPad really helps out.

You help us learn better by using new technologies.101312 educator finalists