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Technology Professional Development Survey

October 02, 2013PD

Tasked in my TE 882 – Teacher Development Training in Instructional Technology course to create a survey to administer to my districts faculty, the survey below is what I developed to help address the needs (as I perceive them) with our staff regarding professional development and training. The survey is based upon the needs I discussed in a previous post relating to how best equip our teachers to handle the new teacher evaluation model, increased rigor from the Common Core and greater expectations for our students.

If you’re visiting my site, you are more than likely an educator (or an unlucky individual who is being forced to visit based on my own request), so please feel free to contribute to my data set and complete the following survey. Because this survey will eventually be administered to a sample set of individuals within my home district of Hamilton City Schools, a few of the questions do pertain specifically to HCSD employees.

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